Where can I find Hansard after 2005 or before 1803?

Robert Brook

Contemporary Hansard can be found on the UK Parliament site, including content going back to 1988 in the House of Commons and 1995 in the House of Lords. Hansard is available on the site about three hours after debates.

The 18th Century Official Parliamentary Publications Portal includes information from Hansard prior to 1803 up to 1834. Access to the site is only available to the higher and further education academic communities within the UK and other selected institutions.

The UK Parliament lists Digitised Historical Parliamentary Material – including Public, Local and Private Acts; Statutory Instruments; Proceeding and Journals; Judgements of the House of Lords; historic records of the devolved Parliament and Assembly of Northern Ireland, the Parliaments of Scotland and Welsh Assembly; Acts of the Oireachtas and debates of the Dáil and Seanad Éireann.

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