Where are the gaps?

Robert Brook

Not everything that was printed in all those bound volumes of Hansard we set off to get scanned has yet reached the Hansard prototype site.

There are several reasons for this: including the fact that we are actually missing some volumes and we’re tracking them down. Pretty much every time we reparse the whole data set – about once a month – we add a bit more data. We’re likely to add quite a bit more over the next couple of months. Hopefully, the site will stand up to the load.

So, yes, we do know that there are gaps in the data. In fact, you can see how much data is being missed in some detail, on the ‘Volumes‘ page. From there you can drill down to, say, the First Series – then right down to the First Series, Volume 36. Here you can see a table of links to columns we have content for.

We’re continuing to work on how to make this information easier to navigate and to use.

Posted in: Historic Hansard


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