Thank you

Robert Brook

We’re glad to have the opportunity to work on Hansard archives as a project – and we hope we’re able to continue developing the service to all users, outside and inside Parliament.

We’re able to develop the service thanks to the comments of users: people like you. Many people have been generous enough to get in contact on the Google Group for the Hansard Prototype and leave a comment. We’re very grateful for you taking the time and effort to do so. Your comments are valuable to us: if we didn’t hear from you, we’d be making it up.

It’s only be referring to those actually using the service that we can tell if we’re heading in the right direction, if we’re developing useful services – and, indeed, if we’ve finished.

We’d like to thank all of those who’ve attended conference and presentation where we’ve spoken. Your advice and professional views have been incredibly helpful.

Finally, we’d also like to thank the many supportive and encouraging staff within the Parliamentary Service, who have been very generous with their time and attention on what is still, after all, and experimental effort.

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