Tagging and taxonomies

Robert Brook

We’ve be talking about tagging and taxonomies on the Hansard Prototype Google Group. We won’t go over the discussion about folksonomies here – but we’re looking again at how we’ve managed tagging up until now.

We ran delicious.com links embedded in the page until recently – we took the function out in order to slim down the page load. You can see the tags people used on the Hansard Prototype at delicious.com.

Our aim is to make is easy for people to find and reuse information. Lightweight tagging systems are a pretty straightforward way of helping deliver this.

The House of Commons Library has it’s own processes for attaching keywords to text fragment, but we’re unlikely too support it directly on the site in the near future. We also have a relatively large amount of data – it’s unlikely we’ll be able to turn internal staff on all those pages yet.

We’d like to make our information as useful to people and other web services as possible. Any Connotea users out there? Any other ideas? Are we missing something obvious?

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