Robert Brook

We’ve had a few queries regarding stats on the Hansard Prototype site itself. We use Google Analytics to track site usage – and it gives us a pretty good overview of what’s happening on the site.

Here are a few figures for the period of January – mid-August 2008:

  • Over 232,000 visits
  • Over 209,000 ‘Absolute Unique Visitors’
  • Nearly 653,000 page views
  • Over 90% of visits are search engine referrals
  • Most visits are ‘from’ the UK and the US, though most other countries feature as well
  • Just above 10% of our visitors return
  • More than three quarters of our visitors used Internet Explorer (though we do have visitors using a Sony Playstation)
  • More than 90% of our visitors use a Microsoft Windows operating system (though we do have visitors using a Nintendo Wii)
  • Less than one percent of our visitors come from within the Houses of Parliament
  • Over 99% of our search engine referrals come from Google

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