Sorting search results

Robert Brook

The Hansard prototype site can be searched from ‘outside’ – with a search engine that spiders the site, or from ‘inside’ with the search engine developed at part of the site’s functions.

You can search the site for the word ‘bingo’ using Google, by restricting the results Google returns. Adding “” to your query –

A similar feature is available using Yahoo’s search engine: and Microsoft’s Live Search: Other search engines are available.

There’s also a Google Custom Search for the site, which allows you to refine results by using parts of the URL to identify Acts, Bills and so on.

A search for ‘bingo’ using the internal search engine can be seen and bookmarked at Once a list of search results is returned, you can sort the results. The ‘Sort by MOST RECENT’ button shows the results sorted by their earliest date first. The ‘Sort by EARLIEST’ button shows the results sorted by their latest date first. The ‘Sort by MOST RELEVANT’ button sorts the results in the default order decided by the search engine – that which is considers the most relevant to the query.

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