RIP IndexTank

Liz Conlan

I really liked IndexTank, it was a good product. It wasn’t a perfect fit for what we were trying to do but it was pretty close. We were making some really good progress with it and were starting to discuss funding options. Then this happened:

LinkedIn Acquires IndexTank … [and] has agreed to maintain the IndexTank service running for the next six months Diego Basch, IndexTank founder

The idea that this was a thinly disguised notice to quit was swiftly reinforced by an email from Heroku advising that the IndexTank add-on was going to be withdrawn in 6 months’ time and that we might like to start considering our options.

I suppose this is always a risk, especially with an experimental technology, that it will be bought up and taken off the market. The original release talks about Open Sourcing and the possibility of Someone Else™ taking on hosting duties of the open version when it’s ready but until there are firm details our only option is to walk away.

Everything’s not lost – the principles still stand and the code that marshals the data is still good. Search version 0.2 is being built using WebSolr instead – as the name implies it’s a hosted Solr service so if the worst happens (again) we have the choice of looking for another provider or running Solr ourselves.

Reddit are going to be pretty upset though [pdf]

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