Recent code: July-August 2008

Robert Brook

We’re going to write up these release notes a bit more often in future. This is just a catch up on what we’ve been working on since the middle of last month:

  • as always, refactoring and speccing code
  • specs and code for methods to find bills and constituencies
  • handling sittings that seem to occur outside a volume
  • speeding up the initial splitting of XML source files
  • improvements to code matching dates in Hansard references
  • slimming down CSS styles
  • more code to handle Roman numerals
  • better handling of Hansard reference variants
  • better parsing of header sections
  • more data for member lists and constituency lists
  • slimming, speeding up of rcov tests
  • importing constituency histories
  • removing unused methods
  • better handling of the column element
  • better handling when no member is found
  • layout column slimmed to work on 1024×768 resolution
  • writing search tips
  • better parsing of Lords files
  • smarter handling of monarchs
  • improved extraction and display of tables
  • fixed appearance of timeline in Internet Explorer
  • coloured borders to mark different House sittings (later removed)
  • link to Parliamentary Archives
  • better linking to Parliament site for dates between 1995 and 1988
  • removed link to
  • smaller font for division result tables
  • removing usused Javascript
  • added basic Dublin Core metadata, keywords
  • code to pre-process files with unexpected formatting
  • semantic class names for content column
  • better handling of preamable texts
  • handling improved for titles appearing in unexpected locations
  • method to find sitting nearest to a stated date
  • ensuring XML is correctly escaped
  • added dynamic error page rendering

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