Parliament Local

Robert Brook

What was the aim of the work?

Parliament Local was a prototype used to examine –

  • methods of searching a sample of EDMs, Written Answers or news on the Parliamentary website by geographic location
  • methods of displaying information from the generated index

All data used was scraped or otherwise implied from web pages published on the official site.

What is the current status of the work?

Currently a site exists at It presents a publicly visible basic HTML front-end over a separately provided API.

The data set may be queried on the text of a place name – for example, ‘Swindon’ – or queried for results containing places within a fixed boundary of that place name.

The result of the query was a line of Javascript to be used to generate an embedded HTML list of items for that queried place.

The service only included information from a selection of placenames and may no longer return any results.

What’s next?

There is no intention to do any more work on the site at present.


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