Lords and Commons sittings

Robert Brook

We’ve been trying out ways of showing when you’re on a Lords sitting or a Commons sitting page, up until now with a green or crimson strip along the left border of the body text.

Some people have found this confusing. Within Parliament, these colours seem rather obvious choices to show either House. Outside Parliament it might not be so clear: green usually means ‘go’ or ‘okay’ – and red means ‘stop’ or ‘something’s not working’.

We recognise that some people still want a clear way of telling if they’re reading something from the Lords or the Commons. At the moment, we’re keeping the ‘Commons Sitting’ or ‘Lords Sitting’ cues in the breadcrumbs at the top of the page, but we’re losing that coloured strip at the left of the text.

There are additional cues in the source code of the pages: a Commons sitting page will have body text contained within the following markup: div class='house-of-commons-sitting' id='content', with a complementary class for the Lords.

There’s more semantic markup in the page source. Do have a poke about.

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