How ‘official’ is the Hansard prototype site?

Robert Brook

The site is generated from information from Hansard, the Official Report of Parliament. It is not a complete nor an official record. Material from the site should not be used as a reference to or cited as Hansard. The material on this site cannot be held to be authoritative. Speakers names, the dates of first and last speeches, offices held and other data are identified from available contributions, which may not be complete. Information presented is generated from the available XML files: there are likely to be errors, omissions or repetition.

The site is an experiment. Elements of the site are likely to change without notice. Functionality provided by the site may be altered, become unavailable, change behaviour, or be removed entirely. URLs may change without notice. The site may be unavailable for periods without notice. The site may be withdrawn entirely without notice. No guarantees of uptime, speed or service are offered.

The site has been sponsored by Parliament in order to test and demonstrate user interfaces for historic data, certain functionality and for other exploratory work. Information used to make the site has been provided by the Hansard Digitisation Project, directed by the Directorate of Information Services of the House of Commons and the Library of the House of Lords.

The time and resources used to generate the site have been and continue to be paid for by the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The site is not part of the official Parliament site, nor is it intended to become part of the official site in its current form. The site is supported only on a best efforts basis. The site is not supported by the Department of Information Services and comments should not be directed to them or to the Web Centre.

Material on the site remains under Crown and Parliamentary Copyright. Within these copyright constraints, you are encouraged to use and to explore the information provided.

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