Generic Phusion Passenger Server

Robert Brook

As part of the Find Your MP project, a member of our team created a Generic Phusion Passenger Server VMWare virtual machine instance at Elastic Server. Don’t worry if none of that made sense.

What this means is: we use Elastic Server’s – er – service to create servers for local and cloud deployment. We use them in testing, development and production. We’re happy with what Elastic Server provides for us. Very happy. We’re even happier about the price.

We aim to release as much of our work as we legally can, which means practically all of it. This now includes parts of our infrastructure, released so others can build on it.

Why didn’t we just use Elastic Server’s default Passenger build? We tried it, but it didn’t do all we wanted exactly the way we wanted it to. We were able to tweak and build our own version and make that available publicly. Wins all round!

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