Deposited Papers

Robert Brook

What was the aim of the work?

The deposited papers set is comprised of documents placed in the House of Commons or House of Lords Library by a Minister or by the Speaker or the Lord Speaker and which is not laid before the House in any other way …

A list of recently deposited papers is available at

All data used was scraped from the Deposited Papers web pages published on was a prototype used to examine –

  • methods of indexing a sample of deposited papers
  • methods of displaying information from the generated index, suitable for display on handheld and tablet computers

What features did the work support?

  • a user interface built for iPhone and iPad screens, at both orientations
  • each result displayed a text summary, direct link to download PDF content if available, a date of submission, labels indicating source – (‘Commons’ or ‘Lords’) and generated linked tags (‘Cabinet Office’, ‘HM Government’ … )
  • generated linked tags could be used to narrow down the set of deposited papers
    pagination of results

What is the current status of the work?

The domain used to host the work is now no longer intended to be publicly visible. There is no intention to do any more work on the site.

The source code for the Deposited Papers front end is currently available at

The source code for the Deposited Papers scraper is currently available at


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