Another new deployment

Robert Brook

We’ve just deployed the most recent build of the application code. We’ve not reparsed the source files or added any new content.

In addition to the usual collection of minor alterations and typos, quite a few back-end improvements have been made. Highlights include:

  • Memoizing calculations for better performance
  • Speeding up the volume index by various methods
  • Removing some pages elements to speed up loading
  • Adding last parser run time to the volumes index view
  • Handling case where numbers in square brackets occur outside the text of a question
  • Enabling the display of lists of missing volumes in the volumes by series index
  • Tweaks to the header parser
  • Specifying “text/html” content type template in OpenSearch definition
  • Tweaks to Commons membership matching
  • Many more Commons memberships
  • Fixing error thrown by non-specific Hansard reference “H C Deb 1958-59 December 1958″
  • Allowing bills that refer to acts with years
  • Many Bill resolution patterns and accompanying specs
  • Finished adding negative cases to Act resolution
  • Improvements to breadcrumb navigation
  • Fixing url truncation in KML output

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