3rd November Deployment

Robert Brook

We’ve just deployed the most recent build of the Hansard application code. We’ve also reparsed the source files and added some additional content, improved the parsing of some earlier pages and added in some previously missing volumes.

In addition to the usual collection of minor alterations and typos, publicly visible improvements continue, including:

  • an extended and improved method of generating identifiers for text sections
  • correcting source file volumes when parsed out of sequence
  • improving the speed of the parsing and text reindexing processes
  • handling additional time formats in divisions, constituency formats, member suffixes
  • linking to other Acts/Bills with the same name in the index from Act/Bill pages: for example – http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/acts/access-to-health-records-act-1990 links to http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/acts/a#Access%20to%20Health%20Records%20Act
  • improved identification of Bills
  • improved identification of Bill and Act mentions
  • more detail in volume tables: for example – http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/volumes/5C/
  • sections with empty title get given title “Summary of day”
  • added “search in this period” form to timeline pages
  • revised front page style to columns, moved some front page material to this site
  • made skip to links contingent on having sections to skip to
  • added “On This Day”
  • extended division parsing to handle tables that use ‘th’ tags rather than ‘td’ tags for headers
  • handling offices that start with a non-letter
  • Windows-friendly fonts, hopefully
  • improved print style sheet
  • adjusted Lords parliament.uk url generation for post 2006 version of their url
  • permitted oral questions to be parsed in Westminster Hall sittings
  • changed Volume table layout, column number style, Volume by column pages
  • fixed sections for Acts and Bills
  • lots and lots of caching
  • Hansard reference now at top of section
  • explanation of faceted search
  • Improving text alignment in nav by columns columns
  • Adding width to nav by columns columns to make easier to use
  • link to google issue reporting form
  • Adding info on sittings loaded versus sittings found to series index
  • Adding last parser run time to volumes index view
  • Handling case where numbers in square brackets occur outside the text of a question
  • Enabling the display of lists of missing volumes in the volumes by series index
  • Specifying “text/html” content type template in opensearch definition
  • Fixing error thrown by non-specific hansard reference “H C Deb 1958-59 December 1958″

Work also continues on a new method of matching names of Members speaking. We’re not yet rolling this out, but hope to soon. We’re particularly glad to be able to thank Leigh Rayment for his work on memberships of the House of Commons, which has been a valuable resource

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